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El Chapo – Take 2 – Testing Kitchen

This second take on El Chapo was a kind of failure as it didn’t taste as good as the first one but it got me closer to what I’m searching and how I want to make it. Do you feel me? Sometimes you may feel like you are failing on your attempts but you are actually getting closer, because you always improve and learn with every try. 

This time I decided to put my slow cooker to work. I marinated the meats overnight with the traditional Adobo, not my particular version, and did an all-in with them in the slow cooker, including some fresh chorizo. On the bottom I placed some potatoes and carrots that I used later for the Chilorio

After 3:30 hours cooking in high temperature, the kitchen smelled amazing and the outcome couldn’t be better: tender, juicy meats ready to be pulled. This time I chopped everything very finely to make the Chilorio more similar to a Sevillian Pringa. However, after trying it in this way, I’m not sure if this is the way I want El Chapo. I think it’s better if the Chilorio is chunky and your taste buds are able to distinguish the different kind of meats and get surprised by a little piece of chorizo here and there. 

A slow cooker full of goodness.


I have to increase the ratio of chicken. Both times I didn’t use as much as this recipe needs. I also feel I have to add some more chorizo. And, as I said before, chop everything less, so when I cook it with the adobo, I still get some nice chunks. 

el chapo

Add-ons? Checking how other people make tortas, I’ve got the feeling that El Chapo would be benefited from some extra stuff, like some lettuce or shredded cabbage. The cheese: I’m definitely not happy with the Emmental cheese in this torta. Maybe this sandwich calls for mozzarella, or maybe it doesn’t need any cheese at all. What do you think?

See you on Take 3!

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