Mexican Patatas Bravas
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Patatas Bravas Mexican Style No. 1

Patatas Bravas are one of the most famous Spanish dishes. Their international character is vocational. They are very easy to custom to the spirit of any country swapping some ingredients here and there. 

This Patatas Bravas are Barcelona style, which means they are served with a tomato sauce, an alioli -aioli- and some chilli oil. You can check this post to learn the difference between Patatas Bravas from Madrid and the ones from Barcelona.

This is my first version to make Mexican Patatas Bravas and they are quite good, they set the bar pretty high, especially with the Vegan Lime & Coriander Aioli and the Salsa Macha. The Mexican Salsa Brava is quite good, perfect for those who want an easy spicy tomato sauce but it’s missing some authenticity. 

The key to perfect Patatas Bravas

There are multiple ways of cooking potatoes for a dish of Bravas, all of them right if they are your favourite. But you need to put some effort in all of them. It’s not enough to fry some McCain chips and drizzle them with ketchup with Tabasco. So, pick some nice potatoes -any good variety for frying is OK-, and give them some love!

You can chop your potatoes in big pieces or thick sticks. I personally prefer big irregular chunks, the sticks are for other dishes. Then, some people boil and fry them…, some others fry them straight away… What I love to do is to confit the potatoes at 90-100C for 40-45 minutes until they get soft. During this process, the chunks get cooked while keeping their shape and the starches turn into sugar. You get the best of the humble potato, but this is not enough! When they are soft, I take them from the oil, put the frying pan on full whack until it reaches 200C and fry them for a second time. In a few minutes, they get crispy outside while keeping a sweet and soft inside. Pure heaven! 

This is a long process, not for someone in a hurry but for those who are looking to delight their guests. While you confit the potatoes, you can make the Vegan Lime & Coriander Aioli or the Mexican Salsa Brava. Or just grab a drink and get lost in your thoughts while staring at those chunks in the frying pan. Sometimes it is good to do nothing. 

How to cook our Mexican Patatas Bravas

INGREDIENTS (Tapa for 2):


  • Peel and chop the potatoes in 3 cm. -approx.- chunks. They don’t have to be regular or perfect pieces. Confit them in the oil at low temperature for 45 minutes, just stirring once.
  • After 45 minutes of confiting, having stirred them once in the middle of the cooking, your potatoes should be soft enough and it’s time to finish them. Take them out of the oil. Put the fire to the maximum, we want to reach 200C, so a cooking thermometer would be helpful.  
Mexican Patatas Bravas

Final steps!

  • When the oil has reached the desired temperature, put the potatoes back in it and fry them until they are nicely golden brown. This is going to be a matter of seconds, so stir them constantly and pay attention to take them out as soon as possible. If not, you will waste all this effort and time and anyone here wants that to happen. 
  • Once they are cooked, transfer them to a plate with a kitchen towel to remove the excess of oil and season them with salt and black pepper to taste.
  • Let’s plate!. Put the potatoes on the plate, add a nice amount of Vegan Lime & Coriander Aioli on the top of them, then some Mexican Salsa Brava next to it and finish with a drizzle of the Salsa Macha.
  • Garnish with chopped coriander and serve immediately. 


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