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Testing Kitchen: Tepache

Our Tepache is different from the classic one. I’m making some substantial changes that purists won’t agree with but that make our drink more suitable for the modern taste.  

I want to use all the benefits from the pineapple, so instead of just using the rind and core, I’m juicing the flesh to boost the drink with vitamins and flavour. Then it comes the taste. Although the cinnamon and the clove are what make Tepache unique, lots of people associate these spices with Christmas. And I don’t want people not to order Tepache in Spring or Summer because it reminds them of Christmas. 

I want people to choose Tepache because it’s a natural, healthy and tasty drink; with no additives and all the goodness from the pineapple: vitamins and probiotics. 

Sugar, the hard choice

Then, the colour. This was a hard decision. Classic Tepache calls for “piloncillo”, a kind of unrefined brown cane sugar that gives the drink a distinctive caramel tone. I think this brown-ish colour is not very attractive in a drink and it obscures the bright colour from the pineapple. So, with great regret, I’m taking the brown sugar from the recipe and substituting it with the demonised white sugar. 

This can be something unpopular but listen, sugar is the fuel for the yeasts to grow and live. They will feed on it and turn it into CO2 and -little- alcohol. By the end of the first fermentation, lot of sugar has disappeared, remaining just enough to give a pleasant sweetness in a healthy limit. I hope this sounds reasonable to you. 

I would like to highlight the possibilities of Tepache. Pineapple Tepache is a lovely drink, but when you add other ingredients and flavours, you reach the next level. I’m talking about Hibiscus and Orange, Lemon and Lime, Mint and Ginger… The possibilities are endless, but let’s stay simple for the moment and make our Original Tepache the start of the show. 

By the way, if you feel curious about this amazing drink, why don’t you give it a try at home?

Photo by Phoenix Han on Unsplash

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